Changing Solar Garden Lights

During the holidays it is time to shake things up and be the best and most decorative person on your street. It isn’t enough to have strings of lights all over your home. Why not spice up your garden even more and add some very unique changing solar garden lights.

Most solar garden lights can be purchased with different colored LED bulbs that help to add diversity. However, these changing solar garden lights are slightly different. They will change colors throughout the night shining out red, blue, green, white, and other colors that you can find.

During Christmas you could purchase changing solar garden lights that will change from red to green and place them across your walkway to greet people as them enter your home. During Halloween you can spook out the trick or treaters with changing garden lights that will reflect black and orange and other scary colors along the walkway or in other parts of your yard that will hopefully put the fright in them.

Also these unique types of LED solar garden lights can be used for any occasion and just for normal everyday use. Set the mood with the colors that you love and watch them light up your garden in a variety of different colors. The sun will power them throughout the day and when dusk arrives they will perform their magic show for onlookers to watch and enjoy.