LED Solar Garden Lights

In order for solar garden lights to work they require the use of a light bulb just like any other type of light would require. Most of us would think that they would require the use of the average old light bulb that we would use in our home ceiling lights. However, this would be incorrect. Solar garden lights require something more just the average light bulb they require a light bulb that will burn brighter, longer, and be more durable to the weather climate.

They require the use of LEDs. LED solar garden lights are the best for the reasons that we already stated. The usual light bulb that we use in our own homes (if we haven’t already switched to LED in there) will burn for a short amount of time and when on for long periods of time it will burn faster. LEDs or light emitting diodes were built to last twice as long. It has the possibility to last for 20 years depending on how often it is used.

LED solar garden lights are use much smaller light bulbs. The reason that they are more reliable and can last longer is the way that they are built. The manufacturer will place the single or multiple LED bulbs in between the prismatic lenses and the reflectors. This will also help to make sure that the beam of light is scattered to all of the necessary area that you are trying to cover.

Usually when multiple tiny LED bulbs are being clumped together they will be placed in front of the reflector and behind a lens. This interesting design and these multiple bulbs help to increase the brightness of the light beam and to increase the range that it extends to. This specific design is usually used in solar garden spot lights.