Outdoor Solar Garden Lights

With outdoor solar garden lights you can have that warm garden ambience in your yard that you having been looking for – all without wiring or a power outlet. Using rechargeable batteries that uses that save energy from the sun during the day, and uses it to power neon glowing lights during the night with no power cost to you.

Most outdoor garden lights come with an auto come on photo cell switch that causes the solar light to come on at night to save you the time from having to worry about turning them on manually. Using a outdoor solar garden light will make it easy and effective way to light up and add a wonderful blow to any walkways or gardens all without wiring or power cost to you.

These solar light can light up your yard for up to 12hrs – using Led bulbs that give longer brighter light. Some solar garden lights use a special lens technologhy that can disperse the light evenly.

Some of the advantages to using outdoor solar garden lights are – being able to light up any part of your yard, greatly reducing your outdoor power cost, and their stand alone set up allows you to light up any part of your yard in just minutes.

Most commercially purchased outdoor solar garden light have features like – stainless steel construction for all weather durability and long term use, excellent quality solar cells, sensor automatic come on switches, manual switch, NiCad batteries that have increased capacity, Led light that have bright white light and thousands of hours life expectancy, easy stick into the ground mounts, and normally gives up to 12 hours of light.