Stainless Steel Solar Garden Lights

If you have been using solar lights for your garden or are thinking about it – you may want to try using stainless steel solar garden lights. These types of solar light are more durable and are considered all season or all weather lights – which makes them a great option if they are going to be permanent parts of your landscape.

Stainless steel solar garden lights are normally a higher quality than normal solar lights. Most of these types of lights come with crystalline solar cells that give an effective charging system, unique sensor that cause them to turn on automatically during night time, a polycarbonate globe to protect the bulb, and most importantly a weather resistant stainless steel body.

In addition to the above high quality features most stainless steel solar garden lights also have great lighting features like – a special three way diffusing light system and unique lens, this system causes the light beams to magnify and create a super white light. This is powered by two increased capacity high quality batteries. The solar light will provide 360 degrees of lighting. These unique lighting features will give you the beautiful yard and garden that will last with less up keep that you have been wanting.